Kevin J Salisbury Photography | About


      Growing up I had a tight group of friends who were involved with sports like motocross, skateboarding and snowboarding. Quickly I realized I had a new found love for capturing my friends doing crazy stunts. Since those early days, the sports I love have progressed immensely. I hope to continue to be there to visually document the next big wave of talent.  

      After living in other areas throughout the country, I found my way back to Washington state. I love the vast beauty of the evergreen trees, mountains and also the south-eastern desert air. I am an avid snowboarder, car enthusiast, sushi eater and new technology geek. 

      Many years of experience gives me a unique style of my own. Let me help you develop your next corporate project or personal endeavor. I am a licensed photographer & videographer based in the Pacific Northwest; available world-wide. It would be my pleasure to assist you.


Kevin J Salisbury