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SmallRig DJI Ronin-M Quick Release Plate Dovetail Mount

April 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I purchased one of these handy quick release plate mounts from SmallRig via Amazon. (Also available on Ebay and SmallRig.com)

The dovetail quick release plate mount designed for use with the Ronin-M plate is a huge time saver. If you need a way to swap your camera from the Ronin-M to a tripod you can leave the DJI plate on the camera. This plate will lock your camera down and keep it locked in place. Shoot from your tripod, than move right back to the Ronin-M without having to rebalance. The quick release plate monut has standard mounting holes so you can attach it to any video head. If you are shooting with one camera this can save you a lot of time. Here are some more images showing the other sides below.  


You can this handy quick release for yourself here on Amazon. --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M Gimbal. Check here for the best price  --> Amazon.com


Note: it does not came with an extra DJI plate or any at all. If you have multiple cameras you can purchase an additional Ronin-M plate here. http://amzn.to/2gweOU0

You can also purchase one from DJI.com (Don't forget to purchase additional mounting screws also!)


More images of the release below.

You can buy one for yourself here --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M for the best price --> HERE



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