"Golden Summer" (Rattlesnake Mountain Washington)"Golden Summer" (Rattlesnake Mountain Washington)

Not Quite Route 66

January 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

   During my holiday break I ventured out through Oregon and into Northern California to visit family. On my way I passed through Grass Valley Oregon. On the out skirts south of town there is a little old gas station (closed obviously) in Kent that caught my attention. I quickly pulled over for a look. The first thing that caught my eye was the Crush soda sign on the top. I have no idea how old that is; it looked rather nice compared to the rest of the surroundings. The old station had two pumps out from. All with familiar markings. They had received a few coats of different color paint of the years but still offer that nostalgic look to them. 

Someone must have gotten a little curious. I think it would have looked a look better off old and weathered.

Im still curious as to what the story is with the old storm shelter, bunker or whatever it is in the background. (back left side of the image)

Makes you thirsty for an Orange Crush doesnt it?



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