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Must Have DJI Ronin-M Quick Mount Plates

January 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



Universal Quick Release Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-M by GyroVu above

Sometimes you do not have the luxury of time. When you are on set or just need a quick way to rig your Ronin-M maybe these are for you. GyroVu has two mounting plate options. These give you a way to mount the release on a tripod or wherever else you may want to attach it. With the top handle off you can slide the dove tail portion of the gimbal onto the quick release. and lock it in place. There are two versions available. One with a locking lever and the other with just an allen screw. 

These can be purchased through Amazon.com

NON-LEVER VERSION $109.95 on Amazon currently






LOCKING LEVER VERSION $119.95 on Amazon currently







The next quick release will save you tons of time. Cinemilled has a plate that allows you to leave the Ronin-M plate on your camera. You can simply release your camera from the gimbal and than lock it into this plate. No more removing the plate and having to rebalance it again. Cinemilled offers this in a standard and a Miller mount version. 

You can purchase these right from Cinemilled.com or from any of their distributors. Currently $199 usd.



SmallRig is now offering some quick mounts for Ronin-M. They are available on eBay, SmallRig.com or through these links to Amazon.

SmallRig® DJI Ronin-M Dovetail Mount Quick Release Baseplate-1685

This plate, much like the ones above make it easy to remove your camera from the Ronin-M and moving to a tripod. By not having to remove the quick plate you can switch back an forth with ease depending on your setups. If you're just using something like a DSLR and only changing a lens it can be a very fast switch. 

Buy the SmallRig Baseplate 1685 on Amazon.com

This next adapter gives you the option to mount the Ronin-M inverted onto your tripod video head. The quick release is also made with a version with the handle mounts. Using it will eliminate the top handle so you can invert it and lock it into place without ever have to remove the upper half of the Ronin-M. A great option to have for quick transitions. These can be purchased as a set or individually.

These can be purchased through Amazon.com

SmallRig Connector for DJI Ronin-M 1704 (combo)

Smallrig® Quick Plate Mount for DJI Ronin-m (Mini) -1682

Smallrig® Handheld to Tripod Adapter for DJI Ronin-m 1689





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