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Need a Field Monitor Mount for your DJI Ronin-M?

May 30, 2015  •  2 Comments

UPDATE: Yes, at last...the DjI mount is now shipping. ---> Buy on Amazon


Hey everyone! Recently I purchased the new Ronin-M as a lighter weight gimbal. So far I have been very pleased with it. One thing I noticed right when I got it was that DJI does not include a monitor mount with the Ronin-M at this time. The new Part 19 accessories mount that fits isnt being shipped yet. So what do you do to mount your monitor? Here is what I did to mount my SmallHD AC7 field monitor while I wait for the DJI clamp to be released. Im sure there are better ways, but this is what I already had available in my stash. If you have these things already than you're set until DJI or someone else has a proper accessories mount ready for consumers.

If you would like to buy the parts I used check out the list below. The affiliate links help support the making of this video. I would appreciate it if you use them. Thanks!




Parts List

GoPro Seat Post Mount

Giotto Ball Mount

SmallHD AC7 Field Monitor

DJI Ronin-M Handheld Gimbal

1/4" - 20 x 1 inch stainless steel hex head bolt (doesnt have to be stainless or hex thats just what i used)



You can now purchase the DJI monitor mount from their online store, DjI authorized dealer and also from Amazon link below.


2.Kevin J Salisbury Photography
Stephen. No you can not. This monitor is not touch screen. (SmallHD AC7 pictured) If you are using an iPad or Android tablet with the GH4, you could use the Panasonic Image app can connect via Wifi with the GH4. When using that you can change some settings including iso, start, stop the recording and adjust the camera profiles. You can not pull focus though. You would need a unit such as the follow focus set up sold by Red Rock Micro and others. A second operator could pull focus remotely while monitoring the camera ops point of view. If using a Panasonic lens you may be able to follow and focus on a subject with some good results using autofocus. I have just not tried it yet as I do not have any Panasonic lenses currently. Hope that helps.
Can you pull focus/f-stop/ISO from the monitor ?
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