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The Best iPhone 6 6S Real Glass Screen Protector

January 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

    So I found this screen protector for my new iPhone 6. Its even real glass. I have never had anything but the clear plastic ones so I was pretty pumped to try this out. My mom of all people introduced me to it. She is the most un-tech savvy person I know. Out of nowhere she has an iPhone 6 before me, a cool case and this durable glass screen protector. I was impressed so I bought one off Amazon where see got it. There are a few other brands out there but I bought the ProGlass Screen Protector by Tzumi.

    Its real tempered glass and comes with everything pictured. I really liked the little holder that is provided in the kit. Apply these things in the past is tricky. As soon as you touch the screen its already ruin with grease or dust and you will have poor results. The holder helps you apply the protector straight as well as gives you something to hold other than the phone. Everything else is standard to most kits. This one comes in a nice tin case that protects the glass. I highly recommend you try this one out. Surprisingly its only about $12 dollars so you can go wrong. 

Get yours here from Amazon.

Tzumi ProGlass Premium HD Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 and 6S (4.7" Screen)


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