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DEFY Releases their New Nimble G2X Gimbal

January 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

      DEFY, a current leader in mass gimbal production announced their G2X line of gimbals. This looks to be a replacement to their previous G2 model. The improvements in this version are a worthy upgrade. New 32-bit controller board, inverted mode, maximum load has increased to 3.5 lbs and no need for a balance stand. It can stand upside down and balanced from that position. This is a big leap forward for their product line. Less parts, means less you have to haul from the studio.

      The team at DEFY really thought this one through and I think it will be a winner. The size and load compacity will directly cater to budget minded filmmakers and other professionals. Many of us have been enjoying lighter weight cameras such as the Sony A7S and the Panasonic GH4, why put these small cameras on heavier gimbals. If you are primarily wanting a gimbal for your DSLR or mirror less camera, this may in fact be the perfect choice for you. The currently announced price of $1995 makes this even more appealing. DEFY claims that they have several pre-selected auto tunes for the software so you will be up and running in only a few minutes. 

      If you have a larger sized video camera, they also offer a G5 and a G12 model which have higher load limits than the G2X. Check out all their specs HERE. The DJI Ronin, Letus and the MoVI are still great options. There are several other companies out there as well. These are just a few. It can be tough choosing what gimbal is right for you. I would suggest going to your local distributor and asking for a demo, rent one or try a friends. 


DEFY G2X GIMBAL | SPECS  via: DEFYwithus.com


DESCRIPTION The DEFY G2x is the lightest, most powerful gimbal in its class. Designed to give filmmakers from all genres the ability to have precisely accurate stability all squeezed into a compact, extremely light and powerful gimbal that we are introducing as the DEFY G2X. This little guy packs a punch with features like pre-selected auto tuned modes for different camera weights allowing users to bypass the need for software and calibration. We also removed the need to use a stand by balancing in an inverted, flat-top configuration to go out of the box and filming in as little as three minutes. The auto sensing IMU allows users to choose the orientation of the gimbal (inverted or upright) for better ergonomics and camera positioning allowing users to film for hours. The G2X carries lightweight mirror less cameras such as an A7s or GH4 and common DSLRs.

  • Holds camera and lens combinations up to 3.5lbs
  • Built in stand for ability to balance in 3 minutes Pre-selected auto tuned mode selections
  • Dual IMU sensors for auto sensing camera orientation
  • Extremely compact and lightweight at only 4.5lbs Simple and elegant design to hide wires and allow easy adjustment
  • Technical Support via phone / email


What's in the box: DEFY G2x Battery (Quantity 2) Battery Charging Station Ships in custom box with foam **Shipping begins Feb 13th

Thin Flexible HDMI Cable 3 - FeetThin Flexible HDMI Cable 3 - Feet


Pre-selected auto tuned mode selections Built in 32bit controller board Dual IMU sensors Bluetooth Module Throttle controller connection Wireless Radio connection Built in stand via inverted orientation for balancing Gimbal Weight: 4.5lbs Gimbal load capacity: 3.5lbs

MECHANICAL: Operating Temperature: 10°F ~ 110°F Accuracy of pan / tilt: .02°

POWER AND BATTERY: Powered by 4cell Lithium polymer 2250mAh 14.8v Smart Charger via 110V wall outlet (accurate and fast charge) Operational Time per Battery: 120 minutes (2 batteries included)

ELECTRONICS: 32bit US Manufactured Controller Board Mini-USB and Bluetooth connectivity Port for Throttle Pan/Tilt Controller (sold separately) Port for Radio Pan/Tilt Controller (sold separately)

SUPPORTED CAMERAS: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Panasonic GH2, GH3, and GH4 Sony NEX Series, A7S, A6000 Canon 5D / 7D w/ 16-35 L series, 24-105 L series and lighter Nikon D800 w/ lens combos under 3.5 lbs this list is not all inclusive... cameras are added as we test and approve for use on the G2x





Looking forward for this one. Biggest problem with gimbals is the tuning and this one seems to simplify the process.
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