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Hard Travel Case Solution for SMALLHD AC7 LCD OLED + GoPro Hero 1/2/3/3+/4

December 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So when I first bought the AC7 field monitor I wanted a nice solid case to protect it. Maybe you were hoping to get one also but were having issues finding one that was a compact size. It was sure beginning to bug me cause all I could find were huge ones for tablets or small for phones etc. Even if I wanted one for a tablet, they just were not deep enough to fit the monitor inside.

So after giving up completely, I ordered this case for my GoPRo Hero 4. I took out the foam insert and it was like magic. It looked like the perfect size. I went and test fit my AC7 and it worked perfectly! It will even fit the smallhd sunshade and the battery plated inside. There no room for any batteries but everything fit nicely. As you can see I have the smallhd neoprene cover still on for added protection. 



Following these links below to purchase yours. Its a great zippered hard shell case that will fit your SmallHD 7" size field monitor for those rugged travel plans.


GoPro Hero 3/3+/4 or SmallHD AC7 hard shell zippered case

Buy SmallHD AC7 Here

Buy GoPRo Hero 4 Here


Pics below are of the AC7 with the case pictured above



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