"Golden Summer" (Rattlesnake Mountain Washington)"Golden Summer" (Rattlesnake Mountain Washington)

Incredible LED Night Skiing shot on RED - "Afterglow"

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      I have loved Warren Miller films since I was little. As I grew up I was blown away by the cinematography of Mike "Mack Dawg" McEntire with his insane shots of all my favorite snowboarders. Now the boys over at Sweetgrass productions are blowing me away yet again. We all know that skiing and snowboarding have progressed to another level over the last 20 years. Its been ridiculous to say the least. The really cool thing is with that progression, filming has also progressed to incredible proportions as well. 

      This team had a great idea to use LEDs as a lighted suit and than shine high powered spot lights onto the white mountainous backdrops. Doing this at night and splashing a little color with some gels really added an incredible element to their footage. I have seen things like this done on smaller levels, however, taking this level of cinematography to the mountains is quite the task. I have great respect for the amount of work that was put in here. I can appreciate it as I know how many things can go wrong and how long it can sometimes take to get that one phenomenal shot. Plus, not to mention the skills these skiers had on the steeps at night with unfamiliar visibility. 



The film was shot with several RED Epic cinema cameras, an octocopter and from helicopters. 







AFTERGLOW - Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.


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