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July 4th 2018 | Gesa Stadium Pasco (Tri-City Dust Devils)
All Photos (c) Kevin J Salisbury


Camp Patriot 4th of July Fun Run at Gesa Stadium in Pasco (Washington) was the place to be the morning of the 4th. Participants, veterans and their families all gathered to run 5k, 1 mile and 5k with 100lb ruck sack races. The weather cooperated and was not scorching hot this year. I saw a lot of faces that I recognized from past years. A few of those continued their tradition with 1st place wins as well including Kyle Paulson and Walter Mackie. Thank you to all those who came out to support our Veterans at this fun run event. As always, I encourage you to donate to this non-profit charity that does a lot of good for the veterans in our community. Great seeing everyone again this year!*Feel free to share the pics and tag yourself or friends. If you are interested in prints just send me a message.





Facebook Post with Photo Album


Please consider donating to this year!


*Camp Patriot is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower and thank wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations though our outdoor programs. 


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Monster Energy Supercross The Game Just Dropped Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame is now available in stores and via digital download for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM, and Nintendo SwitchTMCheck out the official video game trailer here.

Featuring innovative track designs and set inside recognizable stadiums, Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame is the most realistic and immersive Supercross experience, thanks to the following features:

  • The official 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Season.
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks and your favorite athletes from both 250SX and 450SX Classes: Chad Reed, Ken Roczen, reigning champion Ryan Dungey and more!
  • An exciting career mode with extreme customization options for both riders and bikes with the maximum flexibility to advance in racing classes.
  • A powerful track editor, for endless gameplay possibilities. Players can create their own custom tracks, race on them and share them online.

Starting today, gamers can also purchase the  Monster Energy Supercross Videogame Season Pass for $14.99 to get additional, exclusive content for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Season Pass includes 5 DLCs in total, 3 of them already available.


About the Game

  • The official 2017 monster Energy Supercross Season
  • Official bikes, iconic tracks, and athletes from both 250Sx and 450Sx classes
  • Exciting Career mode with extreme customization options for both riders and bikes using real parts and accessories
  • Powerful track editor: create, customize, and share your own tracks online for endless gameplay possibilities
  • Advanced graphics fully recreates the Authentic spirit of the Supercross experience with new 3D scanning system and realistic graphics & lighting


Download or Purchase from these links

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for XBOX ONE 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for PS4 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for NINTENDO SWITCH 

Monster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame - for WINDOWS PC



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Panasonic Announces The GH5s - Does It Replace The GH5? Does the GH5s Replace the GH5?

The short answer is NO. The answer could be yes to you depending on your needs and shooting preference. What we know currently from the recent announcement of the new GH5s (Which is available for pre-order here.) is that the new camera lacks the IBIS. Which is the amazing in-camera stabilization which the GH5 and the G9 have. A lot of hobbyists and professionals around the internet have been whining about this feature not being carried over. Which, I might add, is a really nice feature... but I for one can survive without it. Considering what DSLRs offered in the recent past, the GH4/GH5/GH5s as well as the A7S line from Sony have come a long way in the terms of light-weight, feature packed cameras for video. I have yet to get my hands on a Panasonic GH5s, but am excited to try it out. With the new sensor, this sounds like a vast improvement for lower lit situations versus the previous models.


Available on here ---> Buy a Panasonic Lumix GH5s


GH5s Specs

  • 10.28MP Multi Aspect Ratio MOS Sensor
  • DCI 4K60p and Full HD 1080/240p Video
  • Internal 4:2:2 10-Bit Long GOP
  • V-Log L Gamma and HDR Hybrid Log Gamma
  • 0.76x 3.68m-Dot OLED Viewfinder
  • 3.2" 1.62m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen
  • Dual Native ISO 400 and ISO 2500
  • Dual UHS-II SD Slots; Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Advanced DFD AF System
  • 12 fps Cont. Shooting and 4K PHOTO Modes
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DJI Announces ZENMUSE X7 6K Camera for the Inspire 2  


DJI's brand new Super 35 Zenmuse X7 6K Camera



The new camera for DJI's aerial platform, the Inspire 2 boasts a lot of impressive specs. Camera's with incredible specs just get smaller every year. Who can keep up with all of these new tech things coming out? Just when you buy one, 6 months later a new one is announced. Its exciting but also discouraging at the same time. So lets take a quick look at the technical specs of this new camera. This will not be a full review but simply a run down of some of the features. (full disclaimer) I have not been sent one. I am not a representative of DJI in any way and never have been. Im definitely open to it so don't count me out =) 



Super 35 Sensor | 6K CinemaDNG |  5.2K Apple ProRes | 14 Stops of Dynamic Range | 24 MP Stills 



The Zenmuse X7 excels by providing a Super 35mm (23.5×15.7 mm) sensor, and further increasing the single-pixel size to 3.91 micrometers. The new DJI camera captures RAW videos up to 6K/30 fps or 3.9K/59.94 fps and photos with a breath taking resolution up to 24 MP. The larger sensor in the X7 delivers excellent photo and video quality but also provides up to 14 stops dynamic range. Current Inspire 2 owners will rejoice that it is compatible. Image processing for Cinema DNG - Apple ProRes takes place in the CineCore 2.1 Image Processing.



From The DJI Website:


The new color system consists of a new D-Log curve and a D-Gamut RGB color space. With professional cinematography in mind, the D-Log can encode 15 stops of dynamic range, two stops higher than the Zenmuse X5S. Even in poor light conditions, the X7 can still preserve stunning detail in shadows and highlights, leaving more room for post-production creativity. 

D-Gamut covers the entire DCI-P3 color space commonly used in filmmaking. Tailored for aerial cinematography and stills photography, D-Gamut provides larger green tone coverage, delivering beautifulgreen gradation for your shoots. 


D-Gamut also offers optimized skin tone adjustment by moving these tones to their most suitable chromaticity, ensuring vivid colors are reflected from every inch of skin. By applying the dedicated 3D-LUT in color grading, skin tones will softly transition, even with wide exposure differences. When designing D-Gamut, we considered manual color grading, preventing skin tones from turning yellow when editing without 3D-LUT or color management. "




^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^



DJI offers four prime lenses for the DL-Mount system, with focal lengths ranging from 16-50 mm and resolutions of up to 8K. Made of lightweight carbon fiber and designed by world-leading optics teams, the four lenses have been embedded with advanced technologies crafted specifically for the X7’s high-end image sensor.


16 mm F2.8 | 24 mm F2.8 | 35 mm F2.8 | 50 mm F2.8

When will it be available?

The Zenmuse X7 camera is priced at $2,699 USD. The new DL lenses will come in 16 mm, 24 mm and 35 mm lenses will be priced at $1,299 each. The 50 mm will be less at $1,199. Those wanting to purchase the Zenmuse X7 plus the prime lens pack can do so for $4,299. The Zenmuse X7 will start shipping in early November 2017 from, in DJI Flagship Stores and through DJI Authorized Dealers worldwide. 


* Images and X7 specifications are courtesy of DJI Innovations from Links on text and images are via Amazon Affiliate program. It will redirect you to opportunities to purchase items shared here in this post. It helps support the time I put into creating these articles and product reviews that I share. Thank you for your support. 

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GoPro Hero 6 is Finally Here  



GoPro has just released its newest and best model yet, the HERO 6 Black. The size and look of the camera hasn't changed, but it did get a bit of a bump in performance. Let's take a look at what has improved in this new model and if it's worth upgrading. 



1: Stabilization


For an action camera, having stabilization built in is a pretty big deal. With the HERO 5 Black we saw it added with resolution up to 2.7K (10% crop). Thats pretty cool but everyone is so hyped for 4K resolution on everything I'm sure a lot of you were let down. The Hero 6 now brings stabilization up to 4K 24fps max. It does this with only a 5% crop. So if you are excited about having less shaky footage than this first improvement may be enough for you to jump to the GoPro Hero 6. There is also video stabilization with 1080 120fps footage which you can all appreciate when capturing that new trick you just learned in slow motion. 

2: Processing Power


The improved picture and video quality comes from a new GP1 chip. This also means you can read, write and offload data much fast than before. The other improvements listed here are a result of this new improved chip.


3: Frames Per Second


The HERO 5 Black was limited to 120fps. The new HERO 6 Black can do an astonishing 240fps slow motion. This is pretty huge to have slow motion like this coming from small camera that costs only $499. Now the 240fps will not come with some quality loss and flaws. This is not a Phantom Flex, so your slow mo isn't going to come out like the movies unfortunately. Is the extra feature of 240fps in 1080 worth buying the HERO 6? You'll have to decide on that one. Shooting 4K? Well that also got a jump from 30fps max to 60fps. This is probably one of the most exciting features for me.

4: Dynamic Range


Compared to the previous HERO 5 model, the Hero 6 seems to have improved dynamic range. This meanings they may be using an improved sensor and improved color science. The details in the shadows and highlight will be retained a little bit better than the previous model. I have not done any test as of yet so I have no way to confirm this myself. I am just sharing from what some others have reported up to the time of this posting. If its true, than it is definitely a welcome improvement for such a tiny camera. 


Definition: "Dynamic Range"

Dynamic range refers to the range of which a camera can successfully capture the lightest and darkest areas of an image without losing detail.


5: Improved Low-Light Sensitivity


The new model GoPro also received a little bump in the quality of video and photos you will capture in low light situations. When shooting with previous models you will notice noise or grain heavily if the lighting is not ideal. Having sunlight or good artificial lighting on what you are recording will help tremendously. Now  with this new camera you will see some improvements even if your lighting is not the greatest. 


Theres other improvements that I have not listed here. So head on over to and check out the rest of the list. 


GoPro HERO 6 Black features list via Click here!


Find your GoPro HERO 6 Black Accessories:


GoPro Karma Handheld Gimbal Grip (For Hero 5 & 6 Black)

GoPro Karma Quadcopter Drone (For Hero 5 & 6 Black)


---> Find 5 More Essential Accessories for your GoPro HERO 5 or 6 from this previous post...



Disclaimer: Links I have provided are safe and will redirect you to where you can purchase you own products at great deals. When you click the link it is part of an affiliate program that helps me support this website when you purchase. Thank you for your support.


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Washington Hop Growers Continue to Lead in North American Production

It is no surprise that Americans (and most of the world) enjoy a cold beer on a regular basis. There are long traditions of breweries right here in the USA. Over the last two decades there has also been a major rise in micro breweries. With all this demand, one might wonder where all those needed hops come from? Well right here in North America farmers have been harvesting hops as far back as 1648. As the settlements grew and the new Nation formed, the majority of hop farming moved out to the Pacific Northwest. Yes, thats right, very close to my backyard in fact. The Yakima Valley has some very large hop farms. Many of those have been producing for a few generations. 

In 2016 the hop harvest in the US witnessed an increase of 8.3 million more pounds, which totaled 87.1 million hops destined for breweries around the world. This translated to an increase of 11% for overall production. 

Statistics from 2016:

Washington 70.8%

Oregon 15%

Idaho 10.9%

Other States 2.7%

Canada .6%




Buy your own Hops for Home-Brewing Here --> HopsUnion US Hop Pellets for Home Brew Beer Making - US Cascade

Amazon Affiliate Links

(Model: Darcy Briggs)

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Camp Patriot Fun Run 2017 Photo Gallery

Cheers to Freedom! Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July this year!

Thank you for all of you who made it to the Camp Patriot Fun Run Charity Event in Pasco. Its always great to be a part of this. Here is a link to the images from Tuesday at Gesa Stadium in Pasco. You are welcome to share them with the links or there are also a few print sizes available to purchase if you would like.


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Austin Keen has a New Trick!  


This was a recent project I was able to be the DP on. The second time Ive been able to be around and shoot Austin Keen. He's the real deal and a great ambassador for the sport. Its already gone viral, well at least viral in my eyes. With shares and and combined postings on social media its breaking 500k views right now. My lonely YouTube channel post has yet to gain traction however. Feel free to share! If you are interested in using for more than an editorial piece, please contact me directly for usage. Thank you!

"Fresh off the plane Austin Keen skates to Clover Island Inn in Kennewick Washington. Greeted by a pre-teen girls party he prepares to meet up with the local Infinite Wake crew. Austin than defies all logic and skates down the dock to the approaching boat. Leaping off the skateboard; with his Liquid Force Keen Pro Model in hand, he lands and continues to surf the Infinite Wake."


Buy their music and follow them here. 

Soundcloud -

Facebook -

Beatport -

Spotify -

YouTube -
Instagram - @austinkeen47
Facebook -
Website -

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

SONY FS700 -
SIGMA 18-35 EF -
CANON EF 70-200 F/2.8 L II USM IS -

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5 Essential Accessories For Your GoPro Hero 5

Here are my 5 top GoPro Hero5 accessories to own. The 5 generation of action camera has continued to deliver improved resolution and usability. This new design does not need a case to be waterproof. If you take it past a 30 foot depth it is highly recommended however. Lots of us like to use these devices to film ourselves or friends doing water sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling etc. So these recommendations are geared mostly toward water sports.


Don't leave home without these accessories! 

Still need to buy a GoPro Hero5? 

Buy yours here on


1: The Bodhi Floaty Case for GoPro Hero 5

So the fact that it is bright orange is pretty cool. I mean i love the black grey of the new HERO5 but sometimes its nice to be able to spot your camera if you leave it out. Its going to be hard to miss it with this case on. This also will add a bit of extra protection as a bumper since the new GoPro does not have a case. Last but not least, it helps keep your HERO5 afloat if you lose it in the water. That is very important cause you do not wanna lose that sick footage you just shot.

Buy yours here on


2: Mouth Mount for GoPro Hero 5

When I had the opportunity to film with Austin Keen recently, GoPro had sent him a Hero5 and he picked up a Mouth Mount. It was a moment of "Why didn't I think of that!?" Its a genius way to hold your GoPro in certain situations. In Austin's case, its another angle to capture his insane skim boarding and wakesurfing skills. This adds another element of realism from his perspective. Since your head does a pretty good job of keeping things steady the footage is normally pretty stable. Pick up one for yourself and create something fresh!

Buy yours here on


3: The Handler (Floating Handgrip for GoPro Hero 5

This thing is really simple yet amazing. A GoPro action camera is pretty small, so if you're not going to use a mount it is a real nice way to hold it. Perfect for single person use If you don't need a long extension pole for a group selfie. This short stubby handle is the ideal size to toss into your camera bag. Plus, its waterproof and will help your camera stay afloat if you lose grasp of it in the water. Pair this up with #1 on the list and you'll have a highly visible GoPro so you can retrieve it when it happens to get away from you. I like to keep that strap around my wrist just in case. Thats just me though being paranoid.

Buy yours here on


4: Smatree 3Pcs Long Aluminum Thumbscrews for GoPro Sessions, Hero5 1,2,3, 3+,4

Nothing is worse than fighting with your gear. Ive had times where its hard to tighten or stuff is just falling out and it won't stay in place. Thats why I picked up a set of these long and durable thumbscrews. These will replace the stubborn plastic ones that come with your cameras accessory mounts. Thank me later. 

Buy yours here on 


5: Replacement Battery for GoPro HERO5 Black

Last but not least, extra batteries always come in handy. Charge them up and have enough for your adventures. You don't want to miss any of your cool trip so get a few to last the day. You can burn through them rather quickly depending on your settings. If you need WiFi on, that alone can eat up the power fairly quickly. I normally have at least 3 spares charged and ready to go. Get yours from the link above or below.

Buy yours here on


Watch for the mouth mount in action near the end of this video!


The GoPro Hero 6 is out now. Buy yours here with free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Buy the GoPro Hero 6


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Why you SHOULD buy the New Panasonic Lumix GH5 On the heels of the very popular GH4 4K video capable mirrorless camera comes the GH5. So what makes this version worth upgrading to?

As an early adopter of the ground breaking Panasonic GH4 (with its affordable introduction to 4K footage) I found great results. At the time I had used more professional 4K capable video cameras, but was blown away I could purchase something like the GH4 and shoot 4K so inexpensively. This was a big deal at the time. Sure, it wasn't RAW 4K or real high dynamic range as the more expensive cinema cameras were capable of. However, this was a small, compact mirrorless camera capable of pretty remarkable things. We all know the options and limitations of the GH4 so I won't elaborate here. With an external monitor/recorder you could bump up the 8bit internal limit to 10bit color. This was another pretty big selling point of the GH4 versus limitations of Sony and Canon at the time. Not to mention you could capture very impressive still photos with this mirrorless camera. 

So for some of the key reasons as to why you should upgrade. Well the body is still sealed much like the flagship DSLRs. As for video, 4K has been bumped to 4:2:2 10 bit color with internal recording and at higher bit rates coming with a firmware upgrade. You now have 60fps recording in 4K (8 bit internal only) as well as a bump in 1080p to 180fps. A lightning fast shutter speed for still of 1/8000. (electronic shutter function of 1/16,000!) Dual SD card slots and the ever so needed standard HDMI port. Which replaces that annoying, fragile micro HDMI port. It also sports in camera 5 axis image stabilization which is amazing. These are just some of the improvements so go take a look below for the full specs. 

I was not blessed with a demo version of the GH5 but I would love to demo any of their gear for future reviews. Since I have not yet experienced any in-hand tests of my own I will share some of the helpful videos currently on YouTube. 




Pre-Order the NEW PANASONIC LUMIX GH5 with Amazon and get 2-day shipping with Prime. Click here


NOTE: You will want to buy a few of these new Sandisk or comparable SD cards. These have the higher 280 MB/s write speed that supports the larger 4K & full HD files.

Click here ---> SANDISK EXTREME PRO Flash Memory Card 64GB SDXC UHS-II - via

The NEW Panasonic Lumix GH5 (Specs From the Manufacturer)


LUMIX GH5KBODY - Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - High Durability Shutter Unit

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 20.3MP Pixels

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Venus Engine Processor

View larger


Splash/Dust/Freezeproof Rugged Design

The LUMIX GH5 is built like a tank to withstand even heavy use out in the field. It is freezeproof down to -10-degrees in addition to splash / dustproof construction thanks to weather sealing on every joint, dial, and button. A magnesium alloy full die-cast armor frame makes the body lightweight yet durable while bringing ruggedness to the compact size. This camera can go everywhere you can.

High Durability Shutter Unit

The shutter unit is durable for approx. 200,000 times release*. Not only does it offer the highest shutter speed at max. 1/8000 to capture fast-moving 'spur-of-the-moment' shots but when used with fast aperture lenses - even outdoors - it gives impressive de-focus.

* Panasonic LUMIX in-house examination.

20.3MP Pixels

The LUMIX GH5 packs a real punch with its high performance 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor to achieve incredible picture. Together with the removal of the low-pass filter from the sensor, you can confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artefact free.

Venus Engine Processor

The marriage of an advanced Digital Live MOS sensor with the beautiful new Venus Engine 10 produces extraordinary color detail and natural texture expression. Multipixel Luminance Generation and Intelligent Detail Processing render intense brightness and contrast. The Three-Dimensional Color.


LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4K 60p/50p Video

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Rack Focus Transition

View larger


4K 60p/50p Video

The LUMIX GH5 records silky smooth 4K 60p/50p (QFHD 4K: 3840 x 2160 / MOV or MP4) video. Faster frame rates mean excellent motion compensation plus you can slow down footage inside your video editing timeline without losing detail. You also achieve perfect panning control and a suppression of the rolling shutter effect as seen in lesser frame rates.

High-resolution images and perfect focal length can also be achieved as the Lumix GH5 features pixel for pixel, no sensor cropping recording. There's also no recording duration limit so you can go beyond 30 minutes in all record settings.

* Available Summer 2017.

4:2:2 10-bit Internal Recording

The LUMIX GH5 brings game changing internal 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video recording. For example, 10-bit will render all the subtleties of graduated skies and sunsets without the banding so prone to 8-bit. The power of having film creation capabilities inside the camera sets a new precedent in guerilla style filmmaking. And you can record 4:2:2 10-bit to SD card whilst simultaneously feeding the live signal thru a full-size HDMI port connected to an external monitor or recorder. 4:2:2 10-bit recording enables faithful color and grading fidelity with over a billion colors and four times the tonality of 8-bit to match professional intent.

Control zings with rich colors from dark to bright shades and high-precision Multi Process NR makes your images pop even at high ISO sensitivity settings. Video users will be impressed with the improved performance in perceptual dynamic range at high ISO sensitivity settings.

VFR (Variable Frame Rate)

The VFR lets you record videos with dramatic slow motion or unique quick motion in 4K (60fps max.2.5x slower) or Full HD (180fps max.7.5x slower) quality, such as 180 fps / 7.5x*.

* In full HD, 24p playback.

Rack Focus Transition

The Focus Transition function automatically shifts the focus point at a constant speed for precise in-focus to out-focus points - for example background to foreground - to give you an impressive 'rack focus' motion picture effect.



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Live Output & Full Size HDMI

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Post Focus & Focus Stacking

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

View larger


Live Output & Full Size HDMI

The Lumix GH5 is capable of 4:2:2 10-bit real-time image output to an external monitor or recorder via an optional HDMI cable (full size Type A), while simultaneously providing an internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording*. It is suitable for professional video making that requires accurate monitoring of the imagery or high quality recording to external codec devices (such as Pro Res).

* 4K 60p/50p is output only.

6K 30fps / 4K 60 fps PHOTO Burst

Shoot with unlimited burst, then choose and extract the exact frames you want to keep. The new 6K PHOTO* mode at 30fps allows you to capture the perfect moments at a stunning ~18-megapixel high-resolution. The Ultra-high-speed 4K Photo mode at 60fps freezes even faster motion which is simply not possible in conventional DSLR cameras. The LUMIX GH5 truly does make moments unmissable.

* 6K Photo is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx.18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages.

Post Focus & Focus Stacking

Post focus — Shoot now, Focus Later

This fantastic Post Focus function gives you the power to focus after you've taken the shot! Simply capture the scene, review the image and touch the part of the photo you'd like pin sharp. Set and save. It's simple, stunning and all this advanced processing happens inside the camera.

Focus Stacking — Adjust The Focus Area After Shooting

The Focus Stacking function enables you to adjust the focus area after shooting by blending multiple images taken at different focus distances to create an amazing image depth of field. You can make your images with exactly the kind of de-focus you want or pan-focus the image by simply selecting the focus area after shooting. This is brilliantly useful when shooting with fast apertures, close ups or macro photography.

DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection & Focus

Panasonic's innovative DFD (Depth From Defocus) technology is constantly evolving and its just got even better. DFD allows the LUMIX GH5 to calculate focal lens movement by comparing depth of field values of two images at incredibly high speed. By combining the AF drive with a maximum read speed of 480 fps, the LUMIX GH5 can achieve ultra-high-speed Auto Focus in up to 0.05 seconds* and 9 fps burst shooting with AFC (** 12 fps burst shooting with AFS). A newly adopted motion detector accurately tracks fast moving subjects, and enables smooth 4K Photo/Video & 6K PHOTO recording.

** In AFS, at wide-end with H-ES12060 (CIPA).



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Joystick Control

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 5-Axis Dual I.S.

View larger


225 Focus Points Plus Selective AF

A Joystick Controller on the back of the LUMIX GH5 is used to smoothly and intuitively select focus blocks inside the focusing area overlay. 

225-Area AF: 

The focus detect area is massively increased from 49 (LUMIX GH4) to 225 points for more flexible composition.

Custom Multi AF: 

The Custom Multi AF mode allows you to freely select an array of blocks inside the 225 focusing area.

AF Zone Selectable & Customizable AF

AF Zone Selectable:

The focus area group size and position can be customized for Multi AF / Custom Multi AF.

Customizable AF:

With more customized AF settings, it is now possible to adjust AF directionality depending on the shooting scene.

Joystick Control

The LUMIX GH5 offers you more intuitive control with the addition of a joystick over the conventional front /rear dials operation. A dedicated button allows direct reach to exposure compensation, white balance adjustment or ISO setting and a maximum of 5 settings can be assigned to the Fn buttons. All these components are designed to be operated easily and without taking your eyes away from the viewfinder.

5-Axis Dual I.S. Eliminates Blur

5-axis Dual I.S. (Image Stabiliser) 2* intelligent compensation enables up to 5-stops of slower shutter speeds even through telephoto lenses. The LUMIX GH5 nearly eliminates shake in both body and lens from wide-angle to tele-end**. It also works in both photo and video recording, including 4K video. The astonishing power of the 5-axis Body I.S. corrects shake for all lenses, including classic lenses not equipped with O.I.S.

* 5-axis Dual I.S. 2 works when attaching the lens that are compatible with it. Firmware update of the lens is also required.

** Based on the CIPA standard [Yaw/Pitch direction: focusing distance f=50-140mm (35mm film camera equivalent f=100-280mm), when H-FS14140 is used.]



LUMIX GH5KBODY - 4 Recording Options

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Dual SD Card Slots

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

View larger



LUMIX GH5KBODY - Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

View larger


Professional Versatility — 4 Recording Options

A plethora of video formats and bit rates prepare the Lumix GH5 for use in a wide range of professional applications such as web, TV, DVD/Blu Ray and digital cinema production. You can select from four recording formats such as AVCHD and MP4 for playback ease, or MP4 (LPCM) and MOV for professional editing ease.

The LUMIX GH5 is worldwide compatible as the system frequency can be selected from 59.94 Hz (NTSC), 50.00 Hz (PAL), or 24.00 Hz (Cinema).

Dual SD Card Slots

Dual SD card slots increase recording capacity and file arrangement efficiency. The dual SD card slots allow you to record in relay, backup, and simultaneous modes. Relay allows you to swap a full card out for an empty card so you can record virtually endlessly. The backup mode allows you to record continuously on one card, while you start and stop recording on the other card. Simultaneous record duplicates your recording on both cards.

Large OLED LVF (3,680k-dot)

The high-resolution 3,680k-dot OLED Live View Finder matches up to exactly how you intended to see the image even under direct sunlight. A high 0.76x magnification (35mm camera equivalent) makes it easy to see image detail, your settings and icons, and, the long eye point distance of 21mm is excellent for people who wear glasses.

Bluetooth 4.2 & Wi-Fi 5GHz

The Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy) enables full-time connection between camera and smartphone with low energy consumption. After shooting, it automatically switches to Wi-Fi connection, transferring data to your smartphone. The Wi-Fi 5GHz (IEEE802.11ac) is incredibly fast. You can use Panasonic's Lumix Image App for Android / iOS to control shutter and other settings, plus, video record Start / Stop without physically touching the camera!

* The Wi-Fi Certified Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance.

* The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Panasonic Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


Technical Details

Battery Type Lithium Ion
Color Black
Display LCD
Display Resolution Maximum 1620
Display Size 3.2 inches
Display Technology LCD
Flash Memory Type SDXC;;;
Flash Type Internal
Image Aspect Ratio 16:9
Image Stabilization Yes
Included Components
  • Camera
  • battery
  • battery charger
  • body cap
  • hot shoe cover
  • usb cable
  • hdmi cable lock
  • shoulder strap
  • dvd
Item Dimensions 6.14 x 7.56 x 5.83 inches
Item Weight 3.34 pounds
Lithium Battery Energy Content 1 Watt Hour
Model Year 2017
Optical Sensor Resolution 20.3 MP
Optical Sensor Technology CMOS
Optical Zoom 1x
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Processor Description venus engine
Self-timer Yes
Shipping Weight 4 pounds
Supported Battery Types Panasonic DMW-BLF19


Buy now from Amazon with free 2-day Prime Shipping (Prime membership required)

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Ditch the Stand and Give your DJI Ronin M, MX some Feet

So you've had your fancy new gimbal for a few years now or maybe a few days. You're probably pretty good at using it now. You've also noticed its sometimes a pain to need the tuning stand with you. I mean, sometimes you just wanna set the thing down but unless you have an assistant or carry a back pack full of stuff that stand might not be nearby.

So by now I'm sure most of you have seen the MoVI by Freefly Systems. Back when they started using the carbon fiber ring in place of the standard crossbar and handles this was a pretty big deal in my eyes. It meant you had more options as far as how to hold the gimbal. Plus, the big part was that you could set it down on the bottom edge of the ring and it was a chance to take a break. The likes of Phillip Bloom and other famous video professionals were sharing them. I saw this as a great option. Ive yet to own a MoVI but once they released their MoVI Pro I took notice again and was impressed by its design. As much as I would love to have one. I can't justify the price currently for my work. Wish I could but I'm not there yet. Having owned a DJI Ronin M though since their initial release it got me thinking. How can I make my current gimbal more of a joy to use? How can I make my Ronin M more like a MoVI Pro? Let me show you what I came up with so far.


" How can I make my current gimbal more of a joy to use? How can I make my Ronin M, MX more like a MoVI Pro? "


DJI released the Accessory Grip Ring for the Ronin M and MX. Shown here below.

As you can see it has an advantage, design-wise compared to offerings from Freefly Systems and others. This is fully collapsible which makes it nice to pack away. It is carbon fiber and has cushion grips. The size is a smaller diameter than the new MoVI Pro ring which is also worth noting. (25mm vs 30mm) The MoVI Pro is designed for larger cameras system in mind; so its built to handle the weight. 

The DJI ring grip comes with a nice carrying case, but it lacks a set of feet. With feet, you can rest it on the ground or lean your gimbal up against something to take a break. I looked on DJIs website and they do not offer any sort of feet currently to buy. I found some very well made cnc'd aluminum feet from a company called Cinemilled. I own some of their products already and can say they make quality stuff. They are solid and a great solution if you want the indestructible kind. They also make a heavy duty ring themselves. I decided to check out FreeFly's website to see if they sold the feet from the new MoVI PRO as replacement parts. Sure enough, they did and they only cost around $25 plus shipping. (Price at the time of this article) So, despite really liking the Cinemilled feet, these were about $100 cheaper. They are made out of plastic so they would probably be lighter. If you want feet that will withstand abuse, definitely get the Cinemilled versions. If you want a less expensive solution than maybe you'll go the route I did.

Below you can see the Freefly MoVI Pro feet.

So I knew the ring diameter was different sizes between the DJI and the one for the MoVI Pro. I noticed on my DJI Ring there was rubber sleeves on the bottom and I did some measuring and took a chance that the MoVI Pro feet would fit when attached there. Once the feet arrived I noticed that on the inside edge of the mounting surface had round knobs. These were to keep the feet in the perfect spot on the MoVI Pro ring and to keep it from rotating accidentally on the ring. I got out my Dremel and shaved off those knobs. (Roughing this area up a little bit is a good idea any way to prevent slipping on the rubber sleeves)

Once the surface was prepped, I took the provided mounting hardware and mounted the feet. I adjusted the angle so the ring leans forward about 10 degrees. This keeps your rig from falling over backwards. Ive seen people with the MoVI Pro mount them opposite cause they had a very front heavy rig. This will be left up to your personal preference. I like them facing forward personally. 


Top Handle Solution ~

Another thing I did to improve the Ronin M was to add a Nato rail on top. This opens up a lot of options for mounting accessories including a top handle. If you don't care about having a handle you can purchase a nato cold shoe mount for a mic or even an LED video light. Here are some links below for what I recommend. 

Buy Your Gimbal Here.

DJI Ronin M - via Amazon

DJI Ronin MX

Freefly Systems MoVI PRO

Freefly Systems MoVI M5


Buy the Feet here MoVI Pro Feet - Plastic CNC'd aluminum feet for gimbals 

Smallrig Feet for Gimbals


Top Handles

SmallRig QR Nato Handle 1563

CAMVATE Top Handel

Wooden Camera NATO Top Handle


Nato Rail

SmallRig Nato Rail 70mm


Accessory Ring Options

DJI Accessories Grip Ring ($229 currently) 

Cinemilled Pro Ring ($399 currently)

MoVI Ring for M5. M10 or M15


Accessory Mounts for DJI Ronin M & MX

DJI Monitor Mount

CAMVATE 360 degree rotating mount 

CAMVATE Light Mount Bracket for Ronin M MX


Field Monitor/Recorder Options

SmallHD 502 (monitor only)

Video Devices Pix-E5

Atomos Shogun Inferno



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Check Out These New BNC Cables By WorkHorse

I was in a rush and needed a new cable quick. I did a quick search on Amazon and found these flexible cables by WORKHORSE GEAR of Santa Monica CA. I wanted something not too terribly long that would work with my on camera monitor. I use a VideoDevices Pix-E5 and sometimes an Odyssey 7Q with various cameras. These pics show the PIXE5 on a Sony FS700 just for example. (Yes I know it doesnt record the 4K RAW but it can get a good 12 bit 422HQ signal from SDI for the 1080 options)

So, back to the cables. I ordered 2, both the 24" BNC. One with 2 - straight BNC connections and the other with 1 - straight and 1 - 90 degree BNC. The 2nd works great with the PIXE series as you can see in these photos. I would recommend the double straight for a Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ monitor depending on what camera you use it on. 

The cables are very well made and come with a one year warranty. So far I have not had any issues with them after about 2 weeks of having them and 3 shoots. Just thought I would share my experience so far. If you would like to pick some up follow my links to Amazon below.


WORKHORSE GEAR 24" BNC Straight to Straight Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI

WORKHORSE GEAR 24" BNC Straight to 90 Right Angle Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI


Also try this longer 36" version with 2 right angles

WORKHORSE GEAR 36" BNC Right to Right Angle Ultrathin Flexible Cable SDI




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BMW 735i 6spd Photoshoot It's not every day you see a finely tailored example of a 7 series. Let alone see one stateside with a 6 speed conversion. Curtis Messer, a local German car guru is the current owner of this Bavarian chariot. Curtis is a master mechanic by trade and owns a local "German only" automotive service shop in Kennewick Washington. His love for German cars, and cars in general goes back to his childhood. 

The love has rubbed off onto his children even. They often spend time building high end LEGO models, such as a Porsche 911 GTR in their off time. His customer base shows that he has gained much respect with local enthusiast as well. Porsche and often BMW club meetings are held at his shop on Saturdays where coffee and pastries are served and knowledge is shared. 

While doing the photos of this 735i, he was telling me about his search for a V12 750i e38 variant he was on. Hoping to make that a 6 speed conversion car as well. A local customer wants to buy this 735i (although he loves it and has grown attached) so once it sells he will be off to start another project. Wives have a tendency on limiting the number of projects a man can have sometimes. Especially when his wife does their books lol.

Look for more images of Curtis and his project cars in future posts on my blog.

Visit his shop for service or repairs:


Messer Motoren Werke | 555 N Edison St Kennewick WA 99336 #509-392-5717

]]> (Kevin J Salisbury Photography) Cars Fri, 19 Aug 2016 23:54:00 GMT
Austin Keen Wakesurfing Clinic

Infinite Wake hosted another fun wakesurfing clinic here over the weekend. Austin Keen traveled from California for a 2 day clinic to help instruct locals on the fast growing sport. Keen, a world champion skim boarder, who added the behind the boat wave riding sport to his skill set a few years ago. Originally from Georgia, Austin made his way out to California's sunny beaches after high school. Ever since than he has continued to refine his style riding the waves. The clinic offered an AM or PM class on Saturday and Sunday (June 25 & 26th 2016). Spots were sold out about as fast as it was announced a few months ago, stated Chad Agen of Infinite Wake. He hopes to have Keen come back later this summer to hold another clinic. Infinite Wake held their first clinic last summer with another talented Liquid Force pro, Tommy Czeschin

Riders with moderate to no experience came and were able to try out new Liquid Force board provided by Sporthaus of Kennewick Washington. The weather was hot and everyone had a great time. Being able to see Austin surf in person was a dream come true for many of the riders who have seen his videos on youtube and other social media outlets. Last year Austin posted a video with the help of a local filmmaker which gained a lot of attention. Austin started by running on the beach next to a canal. He hopped on his board and rides out catching the wake of a passing boat. From there he continues to surf on the boats wake. Although we do not recommend you try this, it is incredibly impressive. Check out the video below for yourself.

Big thanks to Austin Keen for making the trip up for the clinic. I am definitely stoked to get back out on my board as soon as I can. Huge thanks to Chad Agen and family for making it all happen, along with Sporthaus and Liquid Force! Don't forget to check out Austin's new pro model Liquid Force board which will be release in the near future. 

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SmallRig DJI Ronin-M Quick Release Plate Dovetail Mount

Recently I purchased one of these handy quick release plate mounts from SmallRig via Amazon. (Also available on Ebay and

The dovetail quick release plate mount designed for use with the Ronin-M plate is a huge time saver. If you need a way to swap your camera from the Ronin-M to a tripod you can leave the DJI plate on the camera. This plate will lock your camera down and keep it locked in place. Shoot from your tripod, than move right back to the Ronin-M without having to rebalance. The quick release plate monut has standard mounting holes so you can attach it to any video head. If you are shooting with one camera this can save you a lot of time. Here are some more images showing the other sides below.  


You can this handy quick release for yourself here on Amazon. --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M Gimbal. Check here for the best price  -->


Note: it does not came with an extra DJI plate or any at all. If you have multiple cameras you can purchase an additional Ronin-M plate here.

You can also purchase one from (Don't forget to purchase additional mounting screws also!)


More images of the release below.

You can buy one for yourself here --> SMALLRIG DJI RONIN-M DOVETAIL MOUNT QUICK RELEASE BASEPLATE - 1685

Buy a DJI RONIN-M for the best price --> HERE


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White Pass Ski Resort presents CASTLEJAM 2016

This past weekend White Pass Ski Resort (Washington State) hosted its first ever Castle Jam. The traditional "Winter Carnival" event each year brings a big snow castle to the mountain resort. This year the snowboard/ski park manager finally got approval to add rail and jib features to the castle once winter carnival was over with. Smaller features yet still a somewhat technical yard of obstacles were laid out. One of the features included a tunnel with an inclined rail at the exit. Amateurs and more advanced riders showed up to compete for prizes donated by Arbor Snowboards, Line skis and other local vendors. Check out for more upcoming events. Don't miss Castle Jam next year. (March 12, 2016) -


Interview with Eric the event promoter and park manager.



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JMC Motorsports Mechanic Jensen Hendler Talks Supercross

Had a chance to meet up with Jensen Hendler, race mechanic for Chris Howell. Chris Howell and Noah McConahy are both part of the JMC Motorsports program for 2016. Having a Supercross team is a new endeavor for JMC Motorsports. A Husqvarna dealer located in Pasco Washington. They have big hopes to leave their mark this season. Watch the video for a quick recap from round 7 in Arlington Texas. | AMA Supercross 2016

]]> (Kevin J Salisbury Photography) videos Thu, 25 Feb 2016 03:11:00 GMT
The Full Monte MTB

Over the weekend I was able to get some footage of a couple buddies. The weather wasn't ideal and honestly was pretty gloomy out. It was still a lot of fun. Here is Ben Ward and Philip Kaiser riding the trails at state patrol. (#MountainBikes #BMX #DH)

Filmed with these fine tools. (Please us the Amazon links to help support the making of this!)


Panasonic GH4 -

DJI Phantom 3 Professional -

DJI Ronin M Gimbal -

Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 -

Song is - Smash the Fun k - by G Riz -  buy it here -

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Panasonic GH4 with Wooden Camera Cage and the Video Devices PIX-E5

Just thought I would share my GH4 rig that I pieced together and have been using. I have other pieces that I attach or remove that are not pictured as well. Most of us do depending on our needs for each shot or assignment. This is clearly not supposed to be an elaborate or thorough review of any kind. First off, I'm very happy that I decided to go with the Video Devices PIX-E5 monitor/recorder. It is a robust and well built piece of equipment capable of recording several types of pro res up to 4444 XQ 12 bit (depending on what your camera is capable of out-putting. GH4 max output is 4:2:2 10 bit). With the new V Log and 12 stops of dynamic range (+2), recording in 10 bit will really give this camera more life. The PIX-E recorder lacks any type of RAW recording, but I don't have a need for that at this time. It will however, record up to 4K DCI/UHD 30 fps and 1080 up to 120 fps. Solid metal construction, removable media drive that transfers over USB 3.0, touch screen and buttons all make using this a dream. The GH4 offers 422 10 bit out versus 420 8 bit internal recording so I really wanted to take advantage of the extra quality that brings. 

Here is a list of the main items I used. A link to buy them is also available.

Panasonic Lumix GH4

Buy on Amazon

Wooden Camera Quick Cage (there are 3 sizes, this is a medium. A small would also work.)

Wooden Camera DSLR 15mm Base

Zacuto Zamerican 12" V3 Articulating Arm

Buy on Amazon (spendy but worth it. figure to pay about $200 for the arm alone. Kit will run you close to $400. This is great cause the arm has 15mm rods on the ends. Even has internal threads. Solid when tightened, no fuss!)

Zacuto Zicro Mount

Buy on Amazon (this is on the bottom of the PIX-3E5 which than clamps to the 15mm rod end of the Zamerican arm. Quick and easy on off)

SmallRig SWAT Nato 15mm rail clamp

Buy on Amazon (perfect to mount on a nato rail and than to attach any 15mm rod. in this case the other end of my 12" arm for the monitor)

SmallRig Nato Handle with cold shoe

Buy on Amazon (There are great options from Zacuto and Wooden Camera but I went with this one for now cause the price was right. Its a really nice piece. They have a lot of top handle options to choose from which is nice)

SmallRig Nato Rail 5"

Buy on Amazon

Lanparte Matte Box with 15mm Rod adapter

Buy on Amazon 

Lanparte Follow Focus

Buy on Amazon 

Lanparte V-Mount adapter

Buy on Amazon (Also doubles as a charger. Has D-Tap, hdmi splitter, 5V, 7.4V, 12V, 15V outputs and over voltage protection.)

Lanparte V-Mount Battery

Buy on Amazon (no complaints with this or the adapter. Its a little bulky but for the price and the power options it gives its great. I don't really need it like I use to for other cameras. The GH4 battery lasts a good while. Sometimes its nice back up for the monitor or other accessories.) 

Lockport by Lockcircle HDMI adapter (micro to standard HDMI adapter that keeps your port in top shape and lets you use a standard size cable. I use the thin flexible cables found here.)

Nanosecond Thin Flexible HDMI cable

Buy on Amazon

Manfrotto 504 HD Video Plate (Long) 

Buy on Amazon

VideoDevices PIX-E5 4K Recorder and monitor (SDI & HDMI) There is also an HDMI only option called the PIX-E5H.

"The Video Devices PIX-E5/E5H Is A Perfect Companion to the GH4"

For Audio I have the Sennheiser AVX wireless Lav system and I absolutely love it. For other audio I use a Zoom recorder or various RODE mics including the Rode VideoMic Pro. There is a XLR audio interface for the PIX-E series coming out next month for optimum sound acquisition.


Disclaimer: I am not paid or have been given any equipment for free to promote any of these products. 


FOR SALE: I am currently selling my Wooden Camera DSLR Quick Cage Medium. Its been a really great cage. I just have other video cameras and do not currently need to rig out my GH4 or GH5 so I want to sell it. Asking $300 for the stripped down cage. No top handle but will come with a pair of 15mm rods and the bottom riser plate. Contact me by email if you are interested

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Not Quite Route 66

   During my holiday break I ventured out through Oregon and into Northern California to visit family. On my way I passed through Grass Valley Oregon. On the out skirts south of town there is a little old gas station (closed obviously) in Kent that caught my attention. I quickly pulled over for a look. The first thing that caught my eye was the Crush soda sign on the top. I have no idea how old that is; it looked rather nice compared to the rest of the surroundings. The old station had two pumps out from. All with familiar markings. They had received a few coats of different color paint of the years but still offer that nostalgic look to them. 

Someone must have gotten a little curious. I think it would have looked a look better off old and weathered.

Im still curious as to what the story is with the old storm shelter, bunker or whatever it is in the background. (back left side of the image)

Makes you thirsty for an Orange Crush doesnt it?


]]> (Kevin J Salisbury Photography) Adventures Thu, 07 Jan 2016 06:37:33 GMT